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— ICO starts on December 4th
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About us

KickCity is a Y combinator startup school Alumnus and completed Microsoft Bootcamp in Helsinki. The startup has innovative products that currently generate revenue. KickCity has offices in Delaware, Houston, Helsinki, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

KickCity is building products that will drive huge demand of KickCity Tokens (KCY) while creating real value to the users. By creating the online value community, which is supported by a strong offline events community, KickCity will be a bigger Facebook for the crypto community and cause adoption of cryptocurrencies.

A Community-Based Event
Platform on Blockchain

KickCity has a built an event community platform with 2 native apps and AI. We understand that events are vital to community building.

P2P event marketing will give everyone a chance to earn by contributing promotional power. KCY -a reserve for other event platforms to using P2P marketing protocols. The Platform will be used for decentralized & transparent P2P event marketing and will accept FIAT, certain ERC20 token and Bitcoins for ticket purchase.

The Value

The Value Communities will provide a platform for “experts” to monetize their contents without depending on advertisement. Members can pay a subscription to join channels or groups created by experts who provide valuable contents. Imagine Vitalik Buterin with his channel or an experienced trader who shares valuable information to the community. The Value Community will give them the opportunity to receive reward for the value they create and also reward the active community. The future of a fair and trusted community.

Kick Up!

KickCity Tokens (KCY) are smart ERC20 tokens which implement Bancor protocols.

P2P event marketing will open up a new, transparent and progressive economy to the people. Basically, a referral system where anyone can participate and earn from any part of the world, anytime.

KCY as a network token will serve as a reserve and allow for greater market penetration by providing P2P white label to other big event companies.

The Media on KickCity
Decentralized P2P
Event Marketing & Promotion
Traditional event marketing with CPC model has failed as the conversion rate is very low. KickCity P2P protocol will use smart contracts to distribute reward among users based on their promotional power. Basically, a decentralized and transparent referral system for the event industry where anyone can earn KCY for their promotional power and event makers can save time, energy and money.
KCY smart tokens will allow for event crowdfunding. For example, an organizer can receive funds for hosting and organizing an event while users that contributed can attend his event using the issued tokens.
White Label
and Network Token
It will be easier and quicker to integrate with established event companies (like Ticketmaster or Eventbrite) using the network token. KCY will serve as a reserve token for other event tokens (i.e Ticketmaster token). The more other tokens are used in other event platforms, the more the vale of KickCity Tokens (KCY).
With more people joining crypto-communities each day, there is need for a blockchain-based community platform. This will allow for exchange of information and value. A Value Network is a set of connections between individuals interacting with each other to benefit the entire group. A Value Network allows members to buy and sell products as well as share information. The nodes in a value network represent people. For the ICO-community, managing different communities in different platforms (like Slack, Telegram, WeChat etc) is a herculean task. KickCity proposes a common decentralized platform for community building for the crypto-world. Community creators can charge a fee in KCY and participants pay to join communities. 2% of every transaction goes to the reserve and is used to buy back the tokens, thereby affecting the value of KickCity Tokens (KCY).
Managing Director at Cryptopay
Eric is the man who brings a lot to the table. He's an experienced Fin-Tech and Blockchain expert and currently the managing director at CryptoPay. He has spent more than 10 years in the banking, identity, payment and processing industry.
Project & Product at WINGS DAO
Entrepreneur, Visionary, Husband. A big believer in crypto and blockchain technologies in which he has been involved since 2013, Sebastian has vast experience in Information Systems, people & product management and customer support. Sebastian has a BA in Information Systems.
CEO & Founder at Matchpool
Yonatan is more than 3 years in the blochchain industry. He's the founder and CEO of Matchpool, which successfully run an ICO in April 2017. He also managed a successful portfolio of crypto currencies and co-managed long short securities hedge fund.
Founder at VisitRussia
Andrey is a partner in Hotels.ru and CEO of VisitRussia agency, which offers the full spectrum of highly professional services for leisure and business travelers alike.
Director at Unistream Bank
20+ years in financial services and fintech. Founder of Unistream bank and money transfer platform, Unibank (Armenia), Protobase Labs (CRM platform for financial services), Uniastrum Bank (Russia)
Blockchain Developer at WINGS DAO
A known blockchain developer with many years of experience in the Crypto scene. In the past he Co-Founded Crypti and served as the lead developer. Also acts as a technical advisor for Lisk.
Jeremy has 20 years of international marketing experience. Most recently, he was VP, Marketing at Sprinklr which grew from a $20 million valuation and 30 people to $1.8 billion valuation and 1400 people in 4 years.
Project Lead at Domineum
Entrepreneur, cofounder of VoguePay with over 11 years experience that brings a unique blend of legal and business expertise that has seen the realization of a leading online payment processing company in Africa from the ground up. Advisor and active collaborator in developing Nigeria’s ICT sector, including areas of e-government and e-pay.
East Coast Editor at TechCrunch
John Biggs is a writer, consultant, programmer. He is an East Coast Editor of TechCrunch.com
Road Map
Community-based social event platform
KickCity has web, native iOS & android platforms. Working in some major cities and generating revenue.
Q3 2017 - Q4 2017
Blockchain Development
We plan to complete the development and first integration this year.
Q4 2017 - Q1 2018
Initial Market Entry
KCY will be available for use in the blockchain community. The blockchain community within the past year has witnessed over 2000 events (free & paid) with more than 350 000 participants. Strategically, we will introduce and focus on the blockchain event while gradually introduce them to the communities.
From Q2 2018
From Q2 2018 we will start general marketing. Allowing for mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the event industry. With our advisors and partners from the entertainment industry, we will launch a massive popularization of KCYs.
CEO & Founder
Gideon is an Engineer and an experienced team builder, visionary and leader. He studied in Geneva Business school Barcelona Campus and recently graduated from 'Y Combinator' Startup School Accelerator.
Dr. Brylan Chinonso is the Chief Business Development Officer and Co-founder of KickCity. He strongly believes in the values that KickiCity will bring to countless of events globally, that are ever in need of marketing efforts. As well as the app users that desire to attend specific events according to their specific needs or preferences.
CMO & Product
Artem loves UI/UX Design, Marketing and Product Strategy. He is an Alumini of 'Y Combinator' Startup School Accelerator with masters in International Business Development.
Business Development, Singapore
Hugo graduated from Regent's College University in 2008. He moved to Singapore in 2011 and continues diversifying his domain of expertise in a Venture Capital as Chief Investment Officer for a Singaporean VC. He founded LILY S.E.A. Group 3 years ago, the company has been focusing on sustainable investment opportunities in the following areas: Data Reconciliation (Blockchain), Renewable Energies and Agri Tech / Food Tech.
Chief Marketing Officer
Felipe Lopez brings his creative background, his love of culture, and extensive event knowledge to the team. Lopez is a Multi-Dimensional self-taught visual artist based in Houston, Texas. His experience in art along with his immense marketing and web design knowledge have aided numerous startups, artists, and professionals in maximizing their product and craft to the next level.
Rostik has a strong background in mathematics and cryptography (PKI,AES/DES/GOST28147, RSA/DSA/ELGAMAL,ZKP). He is Experienced in distributed technologies, blockchain technologies (IOT, Healthcare, Travel, Finance, Government) & Java/C/C++.
Computer Scientist
Leonid is a passionate developer and loves optimazing every single line of code. He loves beer too at the weekends. His expertise include:
— Python, R, Scikit-Learn, XGboost, BigARTM, NLTK
— Java stack: Java/Kotlin, RxJava, Android SDK (+ Dagger), Spring, Hibernate, Maven/Gradle
Ulad makes the best code jokes and codes better than his jokes. He has experience working in Yandex (Russia) and Google (Silicon Valley). Ulad’s hobies:
— RabbbitMQ, ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ
— Java, Kotlin, C++. Python, Javascript. Groovy
— Frameworks & Technologies: AndroidSDK (+ Dagger), Rx, AngularJS, Junit, Gradle
— Tests & CI: Teamcity, Jacoco, Sonarqube, Travis
Backend Developer
Danil has working experience at Mail.Ru Group (Russia) and Facebook (London). He loves coding and doesnt drink.
— Java stack: Java/Kotlin, RxJava, Android SDK (+ Dagger), Spring, Hibernate, Maven/Gradle
— JVM languages: Java, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, Clojure
— Functional languages: Haskell, Idris, Agda
— Android development
Community Manager
Aleksandra is into linguistic and intercultural communication. She has working experience in luxury oriented design studio as an account manager. She also lived in London and New York.
PR Officer
Maria graduated one of Saint Petersburg's universities with diploma in PR. She is in love with communications, for several years worked in a large media group in Russia, where she got huge experience in advertising and communicating with different people.
Token Terms
20 20 28 32
Crowd Sale (32%)
Kickcity (28%)
Partner Tokens (20%)
Team (20%)

500 Million KickCity Tokens (KCY) will be created.

160 Million KickCity Tokens (KCY) will be sold during crowd sale and all unsold tokens will be destroyed.

100 Million tokens will be allocated to the current and future KickCity team members. 70% of which, will be vested for a maximum period of 4 years.

Partner Tokens — include Bounty & Marketing, Advisors, Traditional Angel Investors (who invested in KickCity 2 years ago).

30% of the partner tokens will be vested.

140 Million tokens will be retained by KickCity.

The percentage distribution of KCY tokens MIGHT change following forecasting on the Wings platform.

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